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KwikFlow provides a professional 24 hour emergency service for clearing and unblocking drains.

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Sewer Inspection

Our team of qualified, experienced and efficient drain management technicians perform sewer inspections in a regular occurrence. Sewer inspections are a much needed service in today’s world, where the population we have in many places, is much more than our old sewer system was design to cater for. This means the wear and tear on the pipe-work is something the original architects, designers and builders never accounted for. As a result, problems can often occur, pipes can break down and collapse from overuse causing the sewers to fail.

Luckily, we know exactly what to look out for in all circumstances to make sure that sewers do not have problems occuring, or if they do, how to prevent the issues from getting worse. When you book in a sewer inspection with us, we will make sure to organise a time with you that is convenient and is not too disruptive to your day or to your business

Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR6

Initially provided me with an estimated time scale and kept me informed fully as to eta. The operative attended to site and again kept me up-to- date with progress and final outcome. Can’t praise Kwikflow enough. Well done everyone concerned.

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Sewer Investigation In The North East

When we carry out a sewer inspection, we not only check the pipework but also all of the manholes and their covers, to make sure there are no issues there. We will also check out any tanks connected to the main sewer line to ensure they are in correct working order. We will check over any sewerage chambers to ensure that there are no causes for concern hidden away outside the main streaming pipe. Finally we will also inspect pipes of any size up to the limit of range of the job.

We have all the latest tools and technology to perform a thorough inspection of your sewer. The most common we use are CCTV inspection vehicles. These each have remote controlled cameras attached to them that can enter a sewer through any access point, take thousands of images of the inside of the pipes, or record video and feed this back to the vehicle. From inside the van, we can see on our monitors exactly what the camera is seeing in real-time and get an idea of the general state of things inside the pipe.

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Same Day Sewer Inspection

There are a few benefits to using this method over anything else. Due to using the pre-existing access points, we do not need to dig into the ground and forcibly open up the pipe-work. We do not need to send any people down into the sewer, which can be dangerous if the sewer contains a blockage or if there is a risk of flooding. It also gives us a very clear image of the state of things in the sewer so we can catch any problems before they are likely to occur that may be missed by people looking by eye in the sewer itself. Another benefit is that if a flood has already occurred, the cameras are water-proofed in order for them to pass through the water and still send images back, giving us key information on what is causing the flood.