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KwikFlow provides a professional 24 hour emergency service for clearing and unblocking drains.

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Using Advanced Robot Cutting Technologies to Solve Any Drainage Issue

KwikFlow uses the technologically advanced robotic cutting equipment to remove pipe obstructions, without the need for excavation.

Our remotely-controlled cutter is equipped with the latest LED pan and rotating camera head, providing us with a clear view that allows our experts to analyse obstructions and decide on the best course of action.

The powerful on-board motor spins a diamond-impregnated cutting head, enabling us to cut through obstructions such as concrete, tree roots and metal intrusions with ease. The robot operates with a working head and has a three axis movement; rotation up, down/forward and reverse, all of which can be used simultaneously to provide precision cutting in all pipe diameters from 150mm to 1 metre.

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Professional Root Cutting

Maintenance services

Sometimes you experience blockages or lack of flow in your drains or water pipes. The blocking could be due to massive objects blocking the flow of water or roots from nearby trees growing inside the water pipes. Whatever the cause of the lack of flow, we got you covered.

Old houses usually encounter problems when roots grow inside the pipes limiting water flow. We have numerous methods to deal with this problem.

Precision cutting

Precision cutting is the ideal solution for coping with intrusive roots, unlike using chemicals. We utilise a piece of robotic cutting equipment to chop down the roots inside the pipes. We use CCTV equipment in monitoring the process. The robotic cutters we use are an affordable solution compared to chemicals, which may destroy the pipes. After cutting the roots, our maintenance team will assess the damage to the pipes and repair them.

Removing other solid particles

When large particles block the drains, like wood and toys, it can be expensive to remove them from the pipes. However, our robots can crush them into tiny pieces that can be vacuumed out using jet vac technology.

Our expertise in removing blockages using cutting technology has earned us an excellent reputation and many customers. Contact us and we will fix your water pipe problems.

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