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Quick & Efficient Solutions for Lead Pipe Replacement

In the past, houses were connected to the water mains through lead pipework. However, due to health reasons, water exposure to lead is no longer safe. While the government is changing the pipework of the distribution networks, some of the pipes connecting to people’s houses are made of lead. Despite the lead-free water coming from the water mains, the quality of water drops as it passes through these pipes. Our work is to replace the lead pipes and ensure you get clean drinking water. We also carry out maintenance services in your pipework, like leak detection.

Kwikflow provides professional services and solves your water supply problems. Our team of technicians and engineers have extensive experience in providing the assistance you need. Our customer support will answer any queries you have, and together we can come up with a solution for your water supply problems. Therefore, if you experience any issues with your pipework, contact us, and we will send a team to assist you.

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Initially provided me with an estimated time scale and kept me informed fully as to eta. The operative attended to site and again kept me up-to- date with progress and final outcome. Can’t praise Kwikflow enough. Well done everyone concerned.

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Pipe Replacement Company In The North East

If your property is old, dating back to before 1970, chances are the water pipes are made from lead. Drinking water exposed to lead is hazardous, especially to children. We can replace the pipework with minimum disruption ensuring your water is clean. Many people usually think it is the responsibility of the government to replace the pipe. The reality is the supply pipe that brings water into your house from the main pipe in the street is your responsibility. Therefore, if it is a lead pipe, you have to take the necessary steps to replace it.

We use advanced technology to ensure minimum impact on the environment. We also provide precision when drilling boreholes using moling technology. Our advanced drilling makes excavation unnecessary, which protects the environment. You will also save money since digging up holes is costly.

Our lead pipe replacement services ensure that the pipework is redone from the property’s boundary in the street up to the inner distribution system. With our certified engineers, the lead pipe will be replaced as per the regulation. Once they are done, you will have access to a clean and consumable water supply.

Before we begin the replacement work, we will send a consultant to assess the extent of the work. The consultant will conduct a thorough analysis of the site and recommend the work to be done. Once you reach out to us, our team of professionals will commence work on your property immediately. You do not have to worry about tons of paperwork or permits. We will take care of everything and provide satisfactory services.

Kwikflow will ensure you benefit from specialised and reliable services and keep your water distribution system lead-free.

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