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KwikFlow provides a professional 24 hour emergency service for clearing and unblocking drains.

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Effective Drain & Sewer Cleaning In Morpeth

Kwikflow are committed to offering 24 hours a day drain and sewer cleaning service in the Morpeth area. Our highly efficient specialists have years of expertise in sewer and drain cleaning services, and are always on standby to offer emergency services, whenever you need them. 

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Initially provided me with an estimated time scale and kept me informed fully as to eta. The operative attended to site and again kept me up-to- date with progress and final outcome. Can’t praise Kwikflow enough. Well done everyone concerned.

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Drain Cleaning Morpeth

Over time, fat, grease, hair and some dust may clog up your drains, which is why a regular drain cleaning in Morpeth is very important. Our team of professionals are equipped with the right tools to offer any drain cleaning service for your residential or commercial property.

When you call us about a drain problem, we will send our team on site to thoroughly inspect your drains, and fix the problem. We will start by inspecting the drain pipes with a CCTV camera to see if there are any blockages as well as see the structure of the drain before we can begin the drain cleaning process.

We then use a jet washer to shoot water under high pressure into the drain. The jet washer will help clean the walls of the drain and the pipework too. Any blockages or grime will be cleared from the drain.

Our jet washers will leave your drains super clean for a long time. Our professionals will also advise you on the possible causes of drain blockages, so you can avoid regular clogging of your drainage pipes. They will also explain the importance of regular drainage cleaning by a professional, to avoid any blockages.

We also offer emergency drain cleaning services, in case your drains stop working. When your drains get clogged up, they can cause drain blockages which come with a really annoying stench among other health hazardous effects. In such a situation, you can call us at any time to perform an emergency drain cleaning.

Whether you need a drainage cleaning for your residential or commercial premises, our team of specialists are just a call away. They will come up with a drain cleaning strategy that will minimize any disruptions to your daily activities. Our commercial drain cleaning service will ensure that we perform our duties without interrupting your business activities. We are among the best drain cleaning companies in Morpeth, and our customers’ testimonials can confirm that.

24/7 emergency blockage clearance

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Sewer Cleaning Morpeth

When sewers get old and start slow flowing, then it is time to get them cleaned by our team of professionals. We have a procedure that we use in performing a sewer cleaning session, to ensure we give your sewer a consistent and thorough cleaning.

The procedure starts with a thorough inspection of the sewer to identify if there are any blockages or any causes for concern. This can be done using our surveying equipment above the ground, or insert a remote-controlled CCTV in the sewers. Our experts can also go in the sewers themselves to inspect if necessary. The purpose of entering the sewers is to do a thorough inspection before performing a sewer cleaning in Morpeth.

We begin our sewer cleaning service once we have thoroughly inspected your sewer. The sewer cleaning process can be done in many ways. The method used will depend on the surround and the cleaning task at hand. Here are some of the methods we use:


We use this method to physically push out any blockage and clear the sewer of any debris. This method is mainly used to clean small sewers.

Jet washers 

This method involves shooting out jets of water in very high pressure into the sewers. Jetting leaves the sewer walls sparkling clean as it loosens any debris that is stuck on the sewer walls, and washes out all the dirt from the pipes.


If your sewer is filled with silt and sand, then our experts might need to use the winching method. It involves the use of a metal bucket with holes at the bottom. The bucket is passed through the sewer to collect all the small debris and leave out water. The method is repeated until all the debris is taken out.

If you require any of our sewer cleaning services, our professionals will gladly offer the service to you.