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KwikFlow provides a professional 24 hour emergency service for clearing and unblocking drains.

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Quick Drainage Clearance is our Area of Expertise

As professionals, we see the problem again and again. Although people may suspect that they need to consult a specialist about blocked drains in Washington when that unpleasant smell persists, they do not act as soon as they should. However, ignoring the problem will not make it go away. By the time we make our on-site inspection, the blockage has already done structural damage to their property, not to mention posing a serious health risk. As experts in the field, our advice is to contact us as soon as you suspect a problem, and we will be able to sort it out for you both quickly and efficiently.

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Initially provided me with an estimated time scale and kept me informed fully as to eta. The operative attended to site and again kept me up-to- date with progress and final outcome. Can’t praise Kwikflow enough. Well done everyone concerned.

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Drainage Unblocking In Washington

How can you tell if you have a blocked drain?:

  • Listen: Does your sink make a glugging noise as the water drains away? This is a sign that a blockage is stopping the water from running out as fast as it should.
  • Smells: If something is caught a short way down the pipe, the characteristic smell of rotting material alerts you to the presence of an obstruction. 
  • Look: If the water drains out slowly from the sink or bath, this warns you that its escape is prevented by a blockage in the pipes. If you notice rising toilet water after flushing the chain, this is another sign of a blockage. The initial rise in the water level is because it rushes into the toilet faster than it can leave.

Blocked Sewer Washington

We only seem to notice drains when something goes wrong, but if you look around you, you will see them everywhere. Whether you have a domestic, business or commercial property, there are drains to take away the unwanted water. This could be from fixtures like toilets or showers or from appliances which utilise water like washing machines and dishwashers. Once the dirty water and waste materials are emptied or flushed away, they all merge underground in the sewer. This network has to be capable of coping with large volumes of water at the same time because it might be receiving waste from more than one building, or possibly an entire road.

Unblocking a drain in Washington is a difficult proposition, but this pales in comparison to a blocked sewer. As the sewer may be serving many buildings and their inhabitants, no building is left unaffected. It might even be necessary to close businesses or large buildings like skyscrapers. Exactly like drain clearance, it is important to remember that the sewer blockage will not clear up on its own. You must contact us the moment that you suspect you have a problem. If you do not, there is a chance that massive damage will be caused elsewhere.

24/7 emergency blockage clearance

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Armed with experience gained from many years in the business, Kwikflow experts are ready to offer a quick and effective solution to all and every drain or sewer blockage in Washington. This expertise allows them to judge whether the blockage can be cleared by using chemicals (to dissolve fatty deposits in the pipe) or a range of other solvents (to dislodge an obstruction stuck in the pipe so it can be easily removed). If the blockage is considered to be severe, they have washers to force the blockage out under high pressure whilst cleaning surfaces too. Apart from the severity of the problem, their decision about the best tool or method to utilise also depends on other considerations like the type of pipe affected and the location of the blockage.

Once the issue has been successfully resolved with the least possible inconvenience to you, our job does not stop there. As part of our ongoing customer service, our concern is that the problem should not happen again. Our specialists are more than happy to share their knowledge with both property owners and employees (in the case of businesses) by giving tips to ensure blocked pipes become a thing of the past. Not only will this save you time but it will save you money too.

All you have to do is to take that all-important first step and contact us. Again and again, we see the same problem. People are reluctant to get in touch with us until the blockage has backed up and filled the affected area with dirty water and waste materials. And who wants this to happen to their property? Apart from the health concerns, this can cause structural damage. Until our team of specialists can arrange an on-site inspection and formulate the most appropriate course of action, they are on hand with tips for a short-term solution, and are ready to answer any of your questions. For clients interested in our tailor-made additional services, we also offer emergency drainage clearance and a specialist commercial drain unblocking service. So feel free to contact us. We can deal with any blockage, however difficult it may be.