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KwikFlow provides a professional 24 hour emergency service for clearing and unblocking drains.

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Helpful Solutions for Freeing Blocked Drains Quickly and Efficiently

One of the worst things you can do when you a blocked drain in Newcastle is to ignore it. The problem will only get worse with time and this can pose a risk of causing more serious damage as well as having a negative impact on your health and well being. If you are suspicious about whether your drain is blocked or not the key is to act as quickly as possible before the unpleasant smell becomes the least of your problems as it continually causes damage to your property. The best thing you can do is to call a specialist. Even if you are wrong, it is far better to have someone definitively tell you so and our Kwikflow team can be on site to examine the issue within a short time span.

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Initially provided me with an estimated time scale and kept me informed fully as to eta. The operative attended to site and again kept me up-to- date with progress and final outcome. Can’t praise Kwikflow enough. Well done everyone concerned.

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Drainage Unblocking In Newcastle

There are a number of signs that suggest that your drains are in need of unblocking. These include:

  • Strange gurgling sounds: When the water runs out of your sink listen carefully. Blockages will cause the water to move in strange ways which lead to odd noises as it rushed past the obstruction.
  • Nasty smells: This is one of the easiest symptoms to recognise. A bad smell means something that should not be there is caught a fairly short way down the pipe and it may be rotting.
  • Slow drainage: This is a simple sign. If you have blocked drainage then the water is incapable of escaping as quickly as it should and so it will go more slowly.
  • Rising toilet water: Much like the previous sign, the water level in the toilet rises because water is entering the bowl faster than it can drain away. This means that something is in the way.

Blocked Sewer Newcastle

Sewers and drains are obviously different things but do you know what the difference actually is and what it means? Every single home, business or commercial property has a drain from every appliance that requires water to be emptied. This means sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, baths and more. Each of these individual drains connects to one sewer that collects all of the dirty water and the other waste. These sewers will often serve multiple buildings and may be collecting the wastewater for an entire street and so they have to be capable of dealing with a high volume of water at any given moment.

Drainage unblocking may seem like a difficult enough task but having to deal with a blocked sewer is a whole new level of problem. When the drain clearance needs to be performed on a sewer the ramifications can extend to the entire street which can mean that multiple homes are affected, businesses may have to close and can even but a large building such as a skyscraper entirely out of commission. If you have any reason to suspect that it is not a drainage clearing problem that is affecting your property but is instead the sewer that is blocked then you need to call us immediately. Much like drain clearing the sooner the work is performed the better and the less chance for the issue to cause massive damage elsewhere.

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We have dealt with these issues many times over the course of our career and are experts at the many ways to resolve them both quickly and efficiently with the minimum hassle for you. We have various tools that we can employ as the situation requires which may depend on the type of pipe and the nature and severity of the blockage. There are chemicals which can dissolve fatty deposits and grease and various other solvents which can be used to dislodge fixed items so that they can be more easily extracted. In the event of a more difficult problem, we can utilise high-powered pressure washers to both blast the problem away and clean the surfaces in question.

Regardless of the solution provided, after we have fixed the problem, our specialists will be able to inform you how best to go about preventing any repeat occurrences. This is particularly useful for commercial properties which can pass on the information to any employees and thus save both time and money in the long-term.

If you have a drainage unblocking problem or suspect that there is a blocked sewer feel free to get in contact with us. Our professional team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and will be able to advise you what the best course of action is in the short term while we arrange an appointment for one of our specialists to come and perform the drainage clearance. In the event that you need an emergency drain unblocking service or run a business and require commercial drain unblocking we will be able to help. The first and most important step is always to get in contact as the last thing anyone wants is a blocked drain backing up and throwing wastewater all over their property.

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