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KwikFlow provides a professional 24 hour emergency service for clearing and unblocking drains.

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Finding a Speedy Solution for Blocked Drains

A blocked drain in Alnwick can pose a danger especially if it is left unattended and ignored for long. The problem gets worse with time and it may cause severe danger to the environment and your own health and well being. Whether you suspect your drain is blocked or not, the important thing to do is to act as fast as possible to get a solution to the problem. Without doing that, the blockage will bring a bad smell to your building causing an even greater danger to your building and its occupants. The first thing to do if you spot such a problem is to call us here at Kwikflow for a thorough inspection. Allow the experts to determine whether or not your drains have a problem. Our specialists consist of trained professionals who can come to your rescue as fast as possible to examine and fix the problem.

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Initially provided me with an estimated time scale and kept me informed fully as to eta. The operative attended to site and again kept me up-to- date with progress and final outcome. Can’t praise Kwikflow enough. Well done everyone concerned.

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Drainage Unblocking In Alnwick

Here are some of the signs that you have a blocked drain:

  • Nasty Stench: a bad smell only means that there is something rotting in the drains. The blockage could be something rotting and therefore it needs to be removed quickly to prevent the stench from affecting more people.
  • Rising Toilet Water: Water levels in a toilet bowl will rise because water draining from it is much slower than usual. This means there is a blockage that is slowing down the wastewater from the toilet bowl.
  • Slower drainage than usual: It is a noticeable sign that you should not ignore. If you have blocked drainage, water will be incapable of escaping as fast as it should and therefore it will move slower. This is a danger sign.
  • Gurgling Sounds: Each time wastewater runs out of your sink it will produce a strange sound as if gurgling down the drain. Blockages are the only cause for water to move that way as it rushes past the obstacle. 

Blocked Sewer Alnwick

Sewers and drains have a huge difference. Here is an explanation of the difference between the two. In every home, or commercial property there is a drain connected to every appliance that needs to empty wastewater. Each of these individual drains are connected to a single sewer that collects dirty water and the other waste from the appliances to an appropriate dumping site. These sewers often serve a number of buildings in a street and may collect wastewater for an entire street. Therefore, these sewers must be capable of carrying large volumes of wastewater at one time.

Drain unblocking in Alnwick is not as difficult as dealing with a blocked sewer. The situation is on another level of problems, that you do not want to face. When a drain clearance has to be performed on a sewer, it can affect a whole street. Many homes will be affected; businesses will need to close down to allow drain clearance to be performed on the affected sewer. An entire street will freeze its normal activities to allow for repairs to be done. If you have a reason to suspect that there is a blocked sewer, and not a drain clearing problem, you should give us a call immediately so that we can help you clear your doubts. We will perform a drain clearing service on your drains to stop the problem.

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We have dealt with many drainage issues for many years where we have become experts in resolving these problems efficiently and in a quicker way, with minimum hassle. We are fully equipped with a variety of tools that we use depending on the situation presented by the blockage. Also, have chemicals and solvents that we use to help dissolve fatty and greasy deposits. The solvents also help to dislodge a fixed blockage so that it can be extracted easily. A more difficult problem may require us to use a high-powered pressure washer to help us wash away the obstacle with water that is under high speed. As we wash away the blockage, we also clean the inside of the pipes, which is a good move to clear away any bad smells that were brought by the blockage.

After fixing the blockage problem using any method that is right according to our experts, they will educate you on ways of preventing blockage occurrences in future. Our specialists will further explain the causes of such blockages and the measures to take to prevent the blockages in future. You can thereafter teach people in your household as this helps reduce the cost for unblocking the sewers and the time consumed.

If you suspect that you have a drainage unblocking problem in Ashington or your sewer is blocked, feel free to contact us any time of day. Our professionals are on standby to answer any questions as well as teach you how to perform an emergency drainage clearing before our specialists get to you. If you need emergency drain unblocking services for your home or commercial drain unblocking services, we are always a call away.